Nature = Human. 
Nature is everywhere. It’s as wild as we once were. 
We were all equals at some point. 
Human △ Nature.
Then we realised that we could manipulate nature. 
Morph it into things that serve us - buildings, technology, electricity, clothing…
Human > Nature. 
Now we can’t have enough. 
We (the human collective) think that we own nature and that it’s our right to destroy it for our own personal benefit. 
More, more, more.
Nature > Human.
At the end of the day, nature is always going to win. When we’re gone, it’s going to continue to thrive. It doesn’t need us. It can wipe out us and all our “things” in an instant. 
We may not be able to completely go back to that wild, naive, relationship we once had. But we can bring awareness to the nature that surrounds us in everyday life. Celebrate it. See its magic. Notice it and give thanks to all that it provides. 
Nature is the rain that hydrates us and our farms. Nature is the plants that give us fresh air to breathe. Nature is the food we eat. Nature is the roof over our heads. Nature is the clothes that keep us warm. Nature is the books and computers that help us share knowledge. Nature is everywhere. 

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