I finished this piece the night before my waters broke and sent me straight into an intense 35 hour labour (I think my body was waiting for me to finish it!). Baby ended up being born via emergency c section Tuesday afternoon. It was the total opposite of the relaxed water birth I had envisioned. But I am so proud of myself for doing my best throughout the entire experience and staying calm and focused despite the detour. 
I'm thankful to my body for how it grew and changed over the 9 months leading up to this moment, creating my gorgeous, healthy, baby boy - taking me on the journey from maiden to mother. And I'm thankful to my body for safely bringing my baby boy into the world. 
I am so amazed at what our bodies are capable of. We are so much stronger than we think we are - in body and in mind. This illustration goes out to our amazing, powerful bodies and that beautiful journey of maiden to mother (whether you're birthing an actual human baby or another type of creation).

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